Hello and welcome! We are Gary and Alisa Bunning!

After being in youth and worship ministry in America for over twenty-five years, we heard the call to the mission field in the small, ex-Soviet Union country of Moldova.  Originally from the Seattle area, we moved to Tennessee in 2000 where we finished raising our four kids. The Ana Project was birthed from a short-term mission trip to Moldova in 2012 where the Lord showed us the need for discipleship and care of vulnerable youth.  Our desire and passion is to share the Father heart of God while meeting physical needs, with the ultimate goal of helping them become self-sustaining followers of Jesus Christ.

The Green Light

While we were considering God's call to the mission field, along with His timing, we consulted a former pastor and friend of ours. He explained that he was raised in the church and that, most of his life, he had learned to approach things (opportunities, callings, things God has put on our heart...) as a red light and pray until God turned the light green.  But, he said, I think we've had it backwards. I think its a green light, and we go until God makes it red. 

Chisinau, Moldova


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