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Hello from Moldova!!

We hope this email finds you all well and walking in blessing!!


Much has happened since we arrived but we weren’t sure of our progress enough to send an update until now so..........


First things first....

Gary is continuing his recovery from surgery and things are going well. His leg is not completely recovered but life is certainly back to “normal” for him. He ran steps for the first time a little over a week ago and things went well.

Alisa has a Romanian teacher and is diving into the language lessons and learning a lot. We are both learning a lot because our learning has focused on correct Romanian but, like the difference between British English and American English, there is a distinct difference between Romanian and Moldovan Romanian. With that said, we are progressing well and learning much!!


We have already been involved in many ministry activities...we are leading a young married small group until we move to the village, we have been involved with a ministry for young people with disabilities and another ministry that is caring for elderly and of course we continue to disciple the young people God has placed in our lives. Alisa has continued to go to the women’s prison when she can and we are involved in small groups and prayer groups.


Thank you for all the prayers for a sponsoring group here in Moldova. We are so happy to say we are partnering with “Into Freedom” an anti-trafficking organization  that works with vulnerable young ladies to assist them in life skills, schooling and helps in many ways to keep them from vulnerable situations that can end in trafficking. Before this work, the founder, was a missionary in countries where the gospel is not welcome, starting underground houses of prayer......What a fit for us!!

We have submitted all our paperwork and now wait until the beginning of April for our decision. We are praying that God will give us living permits with the time period that fits his will and purpose. Usually they give one year at a time but......we don’t live by “usually”!!



For those who may not know, Criuleni is the village we will move to and start a house of prayer. In Moldova they call it a city but we would call it a town. With a population of somewhere around 3-4 thousand people it is small but strategic in God’s plans in Moldova.

We have begun our search for a house there and we will use the video portion to explain in better detail about the house.



Living permits....the amount of years and of course that we are approved

A house in Criuleni ...God has the perfect house for us...lead us to it.

Healing for Gary’s mother....many problems with her health

Kingdom authority.....to walk in the authority needed to do what God has called us to do here.


We love you all and are so thankful for you!!

God bless you,

Gary and Alisa 





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